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I can't believe this old thing is here. From what I can tell, it's been four years since I logged in? It was probably less than that. If I'm going to keep this thing around, I'm going to have to edit some things. My profile just hurts to look at.

Nothing much happened today. We have a guide meeting with Owen and Nicky's poor guide tomorrow. I think her head's going to explode or something.

Sugar Comes from Arabic.

Inspired by Kadiy's post where he put everyone's name into Cyrrilic letters, I took it upon myself to learn something completely different: the Arabic alphabet.

It wasn't really hard to start getting a grasp of. It's typing it that's the bitch. But I made it, And so you know, you read the names from right to left:

جيام (jyaam or jeeaam)
There is no hard G. Grr. And it goes on from here.Collapse )

My neck kind of hurts. Kiss it, Jaa?


A public service announcement.

[This is why I don't allow sexy texts.]

I'm getting a print of this, though. Or I'm making it a wallpaper for my notebook.



The world is full of suck.

1. Calories are the devil and I care not for the devil.
2. The damage totaled to 3.2 million Gilly (that would be about 32,000 Earthian dollars. I think. I don't really give a fuck about conversion at the moment. Just know that it's a lot to pay at once when you don't really have Arrayan income coming in. Paying in installments is not an option when your other choice is jail time).
3. Until they are properly naturalized, Joe and I aren't married, nor is Psy my son. Jude isn't married, either. Only marriages between proper citizens will be recognized.

There are some good things, I suppose. None of them are being deported and no jail time for me. It was also a(n expensive) reminder about how marriage is, in a nutshell, a financial contract between individuals and the state, and it has little to do with love. Partnership is something entirely different.

Joe is my partner--my best friend, my xo'amo in the most secular sense ever. Psy is my son, and he always will be. No state law will change either of those things.

David Garrett is a BAMF.

I'm getting this sheet music. I know where it is on another YT channel.
I'm just saying.

Also: Bal. Need to talk to you.


Nah, that's gay.

I'm kind of baffled. It feels like I'm watching period dramas.


So...I look Indian, now?


Also, just want the first two minutes and four seconds. The rest of it's a debate that I really don't give a shit about. (Actually, I don't care about any of it, but I thought the first two minutes were funny, as someone said this in full seriousness one time when I was on Earth. They thought I couldn't hear. Oh, those morons.)

Maybe it's my birthmark? *touches forehead*




Except me. Because I'm awesome like that.

[Before any of the trial crap of yesterday. :p]


Dear Beo,

Technically, I eat omnivorously, though. I don't like 'em as much, but I have to eat vegetables SOMETIMES.